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Mortgage Calculators

  • 15 vs. 30 year Mortgage Comparison Calculator
    Use this calculator to find out how much money you can save overall by choosing a 15-year mortgage over a 30-year mortgage. Or use the calculator to find out how much lower your monthly payment will be with a 30-year mortgage. You can also see how big of an effect mortgage amount (principal) and interest rate have on 15-year and 30-year mortgages. Monthly payment size, total interest paid, and total costs are all presented. In other words, the calculator helps you understand the amortization of a mortgage relative to the term (15 years or 30 years), interest rate, and mortgage amount.
  • Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator
    Trying to decide whether you can really afford to give up renting to buy a house? This calculator should help you understand exactly how much the mortgage tax savings should factor in your decision. Trying to decide whether it is worth it to pay points toward your mortgage? Use this calculator to see how much you'll save in taxes as well as interest.
  • Interest Only Mortgage Calculator
    Interest-only mortgages allow you to make only small monthly payments covering only the interest during the first year(s) of your mortgage. But since the principal never decreases during the interest-only period, interest-only mortgages can be surprisingly expensive in the long-run. Find out how much an interest-only mortgage will really cost, and how much you can save by shortening the interest-only term and making prepayments.
  • Rent vs Buy Calculator
    Use this calculator to find out whether renting housing or buying it will be cheaper. The calculator looks at the total cost of homeownership and your ability to pay.
  • Balloon Mortgage Calculator
    Balloon mortgages offer a tradeoff between low initial payments and a possibly higher payment further down the road. The calculator shows you just how big of a tradeoff.
  • Accelerated Mortgage Payoff Calculator
    Use the calculator to examine different scenarios for paying your mortgage. Want to pay off your mortgage before retirement? The calculator lets you see how much more you'll have to pay per month to get there. Wondering if paying down your mortgage early will save more in interest than you could have gotten from investments? The calculator tells you exactly what interest you'll pay overall.
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Calculator
    Use the calculator to evaluate different mortgage options. These options include monthly payment amount, interest rate, mortgage term (length of time to repay the mortgage), and prepayments. For instance, see how much money you can save in interest. Enter a shorter term and/or larger prepayments.
  • Mortgage Refinance Calculator
    Calculate how much you can save by refinancing your existing mortgage to a lower interest mortgage. This calculator could also be used when consolidating additional debt into the new mortgage.

Simple Loan Calculators

  • Effective Tax Rate Calculator
    The primary practical value of the effective tax rate calculator is to help you figure out your marginal tax rate. First find out your marginal tax bracket. Your marginal tax bracket is the tax bracket of the top of your income, the highest bracket your income falls into. Find out how much more income you can get before moving into a higher marginal tax bracket. Get an idea of whether more income this year would be worth it.
  • Higher Returns Investment Calculator
    A 1% or 2% difference between two rates of return may seem insignificant at first glance. The reality is that this difference can have a major impact on the final value of your investment or retirement fund, especially over the long term.
  • Simple Loan Calculator
    calculate montly payments and total interest paid.
  • Payday Loan Calculator
    Reveal the monthly and yearly interest rate on a Payday loan. Since these loans are short term, the cost of these loans may appear to be low, but the real interest rate will reveal the true cost.

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