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Debt Consolidation

  • Debt Consolidation Loan Dangers
    Looking into debt consolidation loans? Make sure you are not trying to put out a fire with more fire. Debt was ultimately what got you into your problem in the first place, and ultimately, debt alone cannot be what gets you out.
  • Debt Consolidation Services Risks and Rewards
    Did you know that many debt consolidation services end up putting you in even more debt than you started--and even ruin your credit rating in the process? Keep reading to find out how to tell the good from the bad.
  • Doing Away With Credit Card Debt
    The mantra of the plastic world, "charge it," often leads to runaway debt. High interest rates and low minimum payments escalate balances on credit cards almost as quickly as the purchases do.
  • Is Bill Consolidation an Option for You?
    If your bills are getting the best of you and the majority of your paycheck, this is the article for you. Learn how you can lower your monthly payments, pay less on the amount of interest that accumulates on your bills, and get your finances back on track.
  • Benefits of Taking Out a Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan
    Many people in America find that opening the mail each day includes reading more bills from more creditors. If this becomes too much of a burden for you, a firm understanding of how to take out a credit card debt consolidation loan can be invaluable.
  • Successfully Negotiating Credit Card Debt
    Many people who find themselves deep in credit card debt mistakenly believe that they are stuck in a hopeless financial situation. The truth is that credit card companies are motivated to get as much money as they can. The result is that you can begin negotiating credit card debt with these creditors when it becomes apparent that you will not otherwise be able to make your credit card payments.
  • What to Watch Out for When Using Debt Services
    Using debt services to reduce your bills and loans down to an affordable pile might seem like a good idea that's easy to implement. But is it always? Are there times when debt services actually lead to more debt? How can this happen? Shouldn't debt services be on your side and make sure that you get out of debt?
  • Debt Consolidation Companies: Debts and Discounts
    Debt consolidation companies do not work out of the goodness of their hearts. They make money buying up large amounts of debt at reduced values. Then, they make even more money tacking on interest charges to the debt as the repayment plan is structured with the consumer. How can you make this work for you?
  • Using Credit Card Debt Consolidation to Regain Financial Freedom
    If credit card debt is getting you down in the dumps, why not look into the benefits of credit card debt consolidation. Instead of a lot of bills filling up your mailbox each month, you can receive one streamlined bill that not only makes your life simpler, but also, saves you money in the process. Apply now for fast relief.

Credit Cards

  • Bad Credit Credit Cards: 4 Options
    Do you know you have four options for bad credit cards? Find out what they are.
  • Prepaid Credit Cards
    Prepaid credit cards, gaining popularity in a market that veers away from cash payments, are sprouting up everywhere from banks and online sites to large chain stores and smaller retail shops. Easy to use and easy to buy are two reasons for the attractiveness that is attached to them.
  • Credit Card Convenience Checks
    Convenience checks are linked to the individual's credit card account, and are generally mailed to a credit card owner without pre-approved permission. In fact, credit card companies generally mail them in multiples of three. They arrive with a nice little note that entices the consumer with promises of lower interest rates, a very large limit, and the convenience of immediate use.
  • Credit Card Insurance Explained
    Four main types of credit card insurance exist. Each type has its own set of terms and definitions. Credit life, unemployment, disability, and property are the four types of credit card insurance that are commonly offered and purchased in the credit card industry.
  • Credit Card Insurance: To Buy Or Not To Buy
    Insurance is offered to the consumer as protection against the unexpected. However, not all consumers will benefit from the purchase of credit card insurance.
  • Simple Tips To Maximize The Reward On Your Credit Cards
    A variety of reward credit cards that offer incentives exist today. Consumers using the reward credit card earn points that are redeemable for discounts, gift certificates, or cash.
  • Small Business Credit Cards
    Small business owners are taking advantage of a relatively new financial tool- the business credit card. Using a small business credit card allows the company to establish a positive credit history that can be used to acquire small business loans should a future need for additional revenue arise.
  • Student Credit Cards
    Student credit cards are available in almost as many packages as adult credit cards. Bonuses and reward incentives are attached to the cards in an attempt to solicit students to sign up for the credit card.
  • Avoiding Secured Credit Card Marketing Scams
    While a secured credit card can be a positive acquisition for many consumers who need to re-establish their positive credit, many scams involve the promise of an easily obtained secured credit card no matter what the credit history of the consumer is. Certain facets of the offer signal the possibility of a scam and should warn the consumer to avoid that offer. This article gives a brief overview of secured credit cards and what to look for in a scam.
  • Fraudulent ATM Withdrawals: What To Do
    Accessibility and relatively quick transaction times for electronic fund transfers coupled with the relative ease with which some thieves can steal the information for electronic accounts make them easy targets for fraudulent transactions. This article identifies important steps to take if you believe that you are victim to fraudulent electronic fund transfers.
  • Guarding Against Credit Card Fraud
    Unfortunately, credit card fraud is on the rise in our world. Fortunately, following a few simple steps can help prevent credit card fraud from happening to you. This article details the things you can do to guard your credit card accounts from misuse.
  • Default Clause And Universal Default Clause
    Credit card companies can include a default clause and/or a universal default clause in the terms for their credit card offers. Consumers should understand what these terms mean prior to signing on the dotted line.
  • Avoiding The Universal Default Clause
    Perhaps the best way to deal with the universal default clause found in many credit card agreements is to simply avoid having it activated against you. Maintaining a positive credit score by paying bills promptly and only charging what you can afford is the best course of action. Read more in this article.
  • Is Having Lots of Credit Cards a Good Idea?
    When the amount of money you spend each week is based upon the number of credit cards you have rather than the income you earn, that is when you know for a fact that you have too many credit cards. What other factors play into whether or not you have too many credit cards?
  • Choosing the Best Credit Card When You Have Bad Credit
    If you have bad credit, should you grab the first credit card that you are offered? Is it worth looking around for better deals? Do you have to take a credit card with high interest rates or can you get one with low interest rates? What's a person to do when they want the best credit card, but they obviously have bad credit?
  • The Facts on Single Rate Credit Cards
    Do you know whether or not your credit card assesses a variety of interest rates depending upon the type of transaction? Do you have a single interest rate that is used across the board? Is the interest rate for balance transfers the same as the interest rate for overseas transactions? Why not consider single rate credit cards and do away with the guessing game?
  • Using Credit Cards to Improve Your Credit Score
    It seems like everyone has a credit card or two these days that they can use to purchase all sorts of items from furniture to electronics to jewelry and more. Is that all they are good for though? Will having your name on a credit card or two make any kind of difference at all in any other areas of your life besides spending power?
  • Student Credit Cards - Affordable, Reliable, and Accessible
    Do college tuition bills have you down in the dumps? Is the high school prom around the corner and you don't have enough money to buy your date flowers? Are there a few things that you would like to buy, but you don't have the money right now? Did you know that student credit cards are designed for young people who are attending school? Learn what you need to know here.
  • Using Student Credit Cards Wisely
    If used wisely, student credit cards can make a big difference in a young person's life.

Bad Credit

  • Bad Credit is Not Forever
    Youíve had bad credit experiences in the past. But take heart: bad credit is not forever.
  • Bad Credit, Identity Theft, And Credit Cards
    Unfortunately, identity theft and the bad credit resulting from it are becoming a common occurrence. Specific steps can be taken to alleviate the situation and eventually clear it up in the consumer's favor. Discover what you can do to reclaim your name and good credit rating by reading this article.
  • How can your credit affect your life?
    Do you realize how important good credit is? Many people don't, and end up regretting it. Your credit standing can affect your life: good credit can make it better, bad credit can make it worse. So, how do you get good credit? Read on and see.
  • Bad Credit Loans
    Loans for consumers with bad credit are easier than ever to acquire. So, even if you have a few missed bills, a lot of debt, and no ready cash, you can still get a loan that lets you get on with your life. Learn more about home equity loans, personal loans, or payday loans for people with bad credit in this article.
  • Bad Credit Tenants - the Unsecured Loan Option
    Are you a tenant? Do you have bad credit? Well, now you have two things going against you. Find out what you can do if you are one of the many bad credit tenants looking for unsecured loan options.
  • The Ease of Getting Bad Credit Home Equity Loans
    Is there any way to avoid excessively high interest rates and unreasonable terms when applying for bad credit home equity loans? After all, now that you are taking your financing seriously, you donТt want to pay for past mistakes. Is there any way around this at all?
  • Repair Bad Credit with Small Personal Loans
    Bad credit is like a roadblock on the pathway of life. It prevents an individual from obtaining affordable loans with reasonable interest rates. It can even prevent someone from obtaining a home loan or finding employment. Using personal loans to repair bad credit is one of the options you have to removing that roadblock.
  • Bad Credit Costs and Financing - What to Do
    Why should a bad credit score mean that you have to pay more to borrow money? You already have money problems and having to pay higher fees is only going to make your situation worse. Maybe it doesn't seem fair, but that's the way it is. Is there something that you can do to change this? Read on and see.
  • Little about Credit
    Just a piece of plastic and two little words Charge it and you can buy anything from decorating your house to gift for your date, from gas for your car to grocery and what not.
  • Bad Credit Financing Opportunities
    Are you suffering from bad credit and worried that you may not have access to finance. Dont worry! There are many options available for bad credit financing.
  • Building and Maintaining Good Credit Rating
    Over the years, the percentage of cash transactions has steadily declined and your purchasing power is now mostly determined on your ability to raise credit. Therefore, bad credit not only impairs you financially but also psychologically as your purchasing power drops sharply.

Mortgage Loans

  • Mortgage FAQ
    Are you thinking about buying a house? Or maybe youve heard a lot of talk about the low interest rates and think this is the perfect time to buy a home?
  • Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
    While you opt for loans based on your home-equity, you have two basic choices. The first choice is a fixed term and fixed amount called home equity loan. The other alternative is a line of credit secured by your home called Home Equity Line of Credit.
  • Benefits of Home Ownership
    There are numerous choices when considering where to live, but the major financial decision is a choice between renting and owning. Homeowners make a great financial investment, enjoy tremendous savings over renters, and can improve their credit by using their mortgage responsibly.
  • Can You Get a Mortgage With Bad Credit?
    Bad credit, impaired credit, less than perfect credit--call it what you want, it all means the same. Sometime in your past you couldnít or didnít pay your bills. That makes you a bad credit risk. Now you want to buy a house but you wonder if you can get a mortgage with bad credit. Well, letís see.
  • Interest-Only Mortgage
    Interest-only mortgages can be financial genius or disaster depending on your financial circumstances. Here's how to find out if an interest-only mortgage is right for you.
  • Mortgage Refinancing
    Ads in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio are urging us to check out mortgage refinancing. But why should you refinance your mortgage when you worked so hard to get it?
  • Fixed Rate Mortgage: Sure Thing for Buying a Home
    Whether you should get an adjustable rate mortgage or a fixed rate mortgage depends on two things: how long you plan to live in the home, and how comfortable you are with risk.
  • Special Mortgages
    Each individual may have certain specific financial requirements. Innovations in the home loan market have resulted into design, development and marketing of several special type of mortgages offered to the borrowers in response to the specific requirements of the target group. Here you can learn about some various options.
  • Special Mortgages Part II
    Many lenders have created mortgage programs to accommodate borrowers' specific financial situation. Some of these programs are targeted to helping people with credit problems obtain home loans. Special mortgages exist to help people who are unable to buy a home through a conventional mortgage.
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
    Mortgages are classified as fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgage based on whether the terms of the payment are constant or variable. In this article, you will understand the features, advantages and disadvantages of adjustable rate mortgage.
  • Home Improvement Loan or Home Equity Loan?
    Has your dream home become tarnished on the edges? Is it in need of a bit of sprucing up? Has your home become fun down over the years and now it is need of some improvement? Perhaps it is time to consider a home equity or home improvement loan. What's the difference though?
  • Choosing a Home Equity Loan - Fixed or Variable Interest
    Are you in the market for a home equity loan? Are you having trouble deciding which type you should get? If so, take the time to look at the advantages of the fixed interest rates as well as the potential benefits of the variable interest rates being offered with home equity loans today.
  • Commercial Mortgages
    Specialized loans known as commercial loans are offered by lenders of all kinds for business entrepreneurs who are looking for a bit of additional funding. Whether you are just starting out or an experienced business person with an established business, a commercial loan could be just what you need to kick start the business into forward momentum. Why not apply today and see what lenders are willing to offer you?
  • What is a Home Equity Loan?
    Home equity loans are much like other forms of loans except the fact that they are secured by a second mortgage on your home.

Personal Loans

  • Your Personal Guide to Personal Loans
    If you need a few thousand dollars, personal loans are usually a much better way of getting it than credit cards. Yet, despite their personable name, personal loans can charge some quite unfriendly rates compared with more traditional loans. Read on to find out if a personal loan is right for you.
  • High Risk Loans - What Are They?
    If you've gotten yourself into a mess of trouble financially and you are looking for a way out, read about some possible solutions here. No financial hole is so deep that you cannot find a way out. Let the professionals guide you back to financial freedom.
  • What Do Borrowers Risk with Unsecured Loans?
    Do unsecured loans pose any risk for the borrowers? The word 'unsecured' seems to imply that the risk belongs to the lender. After all, if the debt hasn't been secured, what options do lenders have to get their money back?
  • Bad Credit Personal Lending/Loans
    If you have poor or even bad credit, don't let that fact get you down. This isn't 30 or 40 years age when it was harder to get a loan with bad credit attached to your good name. Find out how you can obtain the money you need or want no matter what reason you have for borrowing it. Read more here and start spending!
  • Secured Personal Loans for People Who Want More in Life
    Need a little bit of cash to buy that new TV or computer? Want to go on a short vacation, but can't find the money to do it? Have you considered getting one of the many secured personal loans that are available to people from all walks of life? Not only can you obtain this money quickly, but also, this type of loan features affordable terms. What are you waiting for? Apply now and begin to enjoy life even more.
  • Finding Personal Loans When You Have Low Credit Scores
    Ouch, is your credit score really that low? Don't worry about it if it is because you can still get a loan. It might not be the best loan in the world, but nonetheless, it is money that you can borrow for a specified amount of time to spend as you like. What choices do you have if any? Find out now so you can start planning what you are going to do with your very own personal loan. Don't let opportunity go knocking on someone else's door.
  • What Do Borrowers Risk with Unsecured Loans?
    Do unsecured loans pose any risk for the borrowers? The word "unsecured" seems to imply that the risk belongs to the lender. After all, if the debt hasn't been secured, what options do lenders have to get their money back?
  • When Is the Best Time to Get Personal Loans?
    If you are wondering whether you should get a personal loan, perhaps that is the tip off that maybe you should leave well enough alone and wait until another time. How does one decide whether or not it is a good idea to get a personal loan?
  • Payday Loans or Personal Loans?
    A little short of money this week? Need some extra cash to pay for those dental expenses? Finding it a bit difficult to buy your spouse a birthday gift? If you need money and most of us do, payday loans and personal loans are available to help us out. Learn what you need to know to make the right choice for your needs.
  • Personal Loans Are Quick Options for Many Circumstances
    Every once in a while, circumstances bring about the need for a bit of extra cash in a hurry. Personal loans can be the perfect way to find the money we need to get the things we want in life.
  • The Facts on Pre-Approved Loans
    Pre-approved loans have entered the world of lending with a bang. Everyone seems to be getting these offers in their mailboxes and every lender seems to be sending them out. What are they? Are they legitimate? Is it worth your while to send the application back in?
  • Long Term Personal Loans are Advantageous and Easy to Obtain
    Borrowing money is never pleasant because you always have to pay it back. However, with long term personal loans, you get the best possible scenario. You can borrow a large sum of money for a reasonable interest rate and have years before you have to pay it off in full. Don't believe me? Apply today and find out for yourself just how true this is.
  • Wedding Loans for a Storybook Ending
    If you are planning your special dream wedding, then you realize exactly how expensive it can be. Wedding loans are designed to provide the funds needed for such gala events without the need to beg from family or friends. Why not check out one of our user friendly wedding loans and find out for yourself?
  • Fine Print Deceptions and Unsecured Personal Loans
    How many times have you been tempted to sign on the dotted line before actually reading what you are signing? How many times have you actually done so? Do you know what details are hidden in the fine print of unsecured personal loans? Learn why you shouldn't rely on the words of the lender alone, but should actually read the fine print prior to finalizing the deal.
  • The Borrower's Accountability with Loans
    Borrowing money brings with it a great responsibility. After all, the money might be given freely, but it isn't free for you to keep. It has to be repaid and in regular payments too. Making sure that you can afford the loan and the subsequent payments starts with an understanding of what you are getting yourself into.
  • Comparing Personal Loans
    Taking out a loan is a big step with big consequences. Understanding how to compare your options in order to get the best deal is important. Comparing personal loans is simple once you understand how to accomplish it. Why not learn how to compare loans now to save you money later?
  • Using Personal Loans to Do Away with Credit Card Debt
    Credit card debt is like a runaway train. It just keeps on going until something stops it. In the case of credit card debt, that something has to be your determination to get out from under that heavy burden. While not charging any more debt to your cards might help, you'll need something more. What about a personal loan?
  • Payday Loans
    The Emergency Cash Option

Auto Loans

  • Auto Loans: To Lease or Buy, That's the Question
    Lease or buy your next car: which is best for you? Here's information on both leasing and buying to help you decide.
  • Where to Get an Auto Loan with Bad Credit
    Since the automobile manufacturers and dealers need you to buy their products, they can be surprisingly forgiving when it comes to credit history. Just follow these tips to avoid getting taken for a costly ride.
  • Auto Loans
    Auto loans aren't as simple as the car commercials would have you believe. Find out how to make sure you aren't paying too much on an auto loan.
  • Auto Loans: Low Interest Rate Or Rebate
    As a promotional tool, many auto loans come with enticing choices. Most notably, choices of a cash rebate upfront from the manufacturer or a lower interest rate over the lifetime of the loan are the most common offers.
  • Auto Loans - Tips On Getting The Best Deal
    Acquiring any type of loan is a big deal in anyone's life. Auto loans are no different. Acquiring an auto loan means assuming the responsibility for another monthly payment in addition to another monthly expense.
  • Car Loans for People with Bad Credit
    Just because you have bad credit does not mean that you can't get a car. Car loans for consumers with less than perfect credit are not only available with a large number of lenders, but also, they are easier to get than in the past. Learn more by reading this article that provides all you need to know.
  • Leasing a Car Leads to Lots of Benefits
    Fewer headaches exist with the leasing of a car over the purchase of a car. Maybe you already know that, but did you also know that leasing a car has several benefits to it as well? Find out how you can make this decision work for you by reading this article.
  • Auto Title Loans Lead to Quick Money
    What happens when you don't own a home so you can't get a home equity loan or line of credit? Where do you turn for the money you need without risking your credit or turning to bad credit loans? If you own a car and have possession of the title, then you can get a loan using your auto title. What do you need to know?
  • Using Balloon Loans for Car Purchases and More
    What types of financing are available to those individuals who want to purchase a car? Is it necessary to get an auto loan from the car dealer or bank? Is a fixed rate loan the only option? Are four and five year terms the only options? Find out about the little known choice of a balloon loan for car purchase.
  • Homeowners Reap the Benefits of Car Loans
    Did you know that owning a home could lead to a better deal for a car loan? Lenders like customers who own property. It means less risk for them. That's why homeowners can tap into their home equity's value without actually tapping into it. If you won a home, it places you in the pile of customers who are more likely to receive a car loan with reasonable terms.
  • Financing Facts for Motorcycle Loans
    Are you looking for a motorcycle loan for a new or used bike? Whether you are a first time rider or a seasoned one, motorcycle loans are available for all types of riders with all types of credit. Why not find out what kind of deal for a motorcycle loan could be yours today?
  • Car Leasing - Truth or Fallacy
    Car leasing is an excellent option for getting a car for personal or business use. Many people and businesses take advantage of this type of car purchase in order to gain access to the type of motor vehicle that they would like to drive. Is this a legitimate practice though? Won't you be spending more money than you would if you purchased the car outright? Read on and discover the difference between the truth and fallacy.
  • Three Tips to Refinance for a Cheaper Car Loan
    With the price of gas so high, have you considered refinancing your car loan for cheaper monthly payments so you can afford the price at the pump? Three reasonable options exist to bring the monthly cost of owning your car lower while saving you money or frustration. Check it out now.
  • Obtain Cheap Auto Loans Using Home Equity
    Are you interested in a cheaper auto loan that gives you both lower interest rates and the flexibility to borrow more? If you are, then you should check into an auto loan secured by your home's equity. Not all lenders provide this type of loan, so do your research first.

Credit Reports, Scores and Repair

  • Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA)
    Find out how to stop paying money you don't owe, with the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA).
  • Disputing Bad Credit Entries With the Credit Bureaus
    There are several ways to remove your negative itmes in credit reports.
  • Disputing Credit Items with an Original Creditor or Collection Agency
    It is usually very easy to catch your original creditors and collection agencies in violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and/or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).
  • Taking the Credit Bureaus to Small Claims Court
    The final method is to file small claims suits against any credit bureaus still reporting the negative information about you. Don't worry! It is much easier than it sounds. Most of the time they won't even put up a fight!
  • How the FDCPA Stops Debt Collector Harassment
    How do you get debt collectors to stop calling and harassing you? Simple: tell them you donít want to be called and harassed. Thanks to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA), thatís enough.
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
    The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that regulates collection activities for collection agencies, collection attorneys and in-house collection by the creditors.
  • Is This Credit Repair Company Legitimate?
    Many consumers find themselves relying on credit more frequently these days. In fact, bills and minimum bill payments seem to be getting larger and incomes seem to be getting smaller, or at the very least, reaching a plateau. Furthermore, circumstances may lead to late payments, missed payments, or insufficient payments.
  • Repairing Your Credit Score On Your Own
    Consumers have the right by law to receive a free credit report from each of the three nationwide reporting companies annually. Additionally, consumers may dispute any negative information that is inaccurate on the report per the guidelines presented in the FCRA, or Fair Credit Reporting Act.
  • All About Utility Credit
    Utility credit, the credit given to consumers of gas, electricity, water, and telephone, is often overlooked when people discuss credit practices. Credit history can affect the ability of a consumer to obtain utility credit, just as a bad utility credit history can affect an individual's ability to obtain other types of credit. Learn more in this article.
  • Federal Acts That Protect Consumers
    Several different acts, enforced and formulated by the FTC, or Federal Trade Commission, are available to assist the consumer in their quest for accuracy and fairness. Each act protects the consumer's rights in different areas of the world of credit and imposes certain penalties on the offending institution.
  • All About Credit Reports
    find out about credit reports
  • Credit Scores
    What are they and how are they computed.
  • Where to get a Credit Report
    While applying for any financing opportunity, your credit history is very important. Therefore, you should keep track of your credit report and avoid any situation that may lead to a bad credit standing.
  • ChexSystems
    Bad Credit and Checking Accounts
  • FCRA
    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is the federal law enforced by Federal Trade Commission to promote accuracy and fairness, and to ensure the privacy of information used in your credit reports.
  • ECOA
    The Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) is a federal law that prohibits creditors from discrimination against an applicant for credit on the basis of age, marital status, sex, race, religion, color, national origin, or receipt of public assistance.

Student Loans

  • Federal Student Loans
    College students who qualify may acquire federally sponsored loans to pay for their college education. In general, these loans have lower costs and ideal repayment terms. The Federal Stafford Loan and the Federal Perkins Loans are compared in this article.
  • Using Home Equity to Finance College
    Someone in the family is about to enter the hallowed doors of college and you find yourself faced with college tuition bills. How are you supposed to finance this large debt that takes on the presence of almost being as large as the home mortgage used to be? Should you take out student loans or look into home equity loans in order to finance a college education?
  • Knowing Which Is the Best Student Loan
    As the time for college rolls around, so too do the bills for college tuition. In many cases, these bills are so large that student loans must be taken out to cover the expense. In order to have the best opportunity of qualifying and receiving the loan that you apply for, it is best to understand the differences among the types of student loans that exist.

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